The Bedtime Princessadobephotoshopexpress_2016_10_29_164041

Princess Tilly’s all ready for bed, but settling down to sleep is the last thing on her mind. The naughty princess runs rings round the queen in an attempt to delay bedtime. There are textures on each page and even gold tassels (something every princess deserves). The Bedtime Princess is illustrated by Rosalinda Kightley.


Santa’s Suitadobephotoshopexpress_2016_10_29_164203

Santa’s having a fashion crisis: he’s totally bored with red, but can’t decide which colour suit to choose instead. Eventually, clever Mrs Santa helps him find the solution (which just happens to match Rudolf’s nose!) Santa’s Suit is illustrated in exuberant style by Edward Eaves.



Santa’s Suitcaseadobephotoshopexpress_2016_10_29_164106

All that cold, winter weather is making Santa grumpy. Maybe a holiday is what he needs, somewhere nice and hot… Santa tries lots of different places, from the desert to the jungle, but something is missing. Could it, by any chance, be snow? This is a happy, sunny touch-and-feel story for the depths of winter, with more beautiful illustrations by Edward Eaves.


Just the Job for Santaadobephotoshopexpress_2016_10_29_163303

Santa is fed up working nights; he’s so tired in the morning, he can’t even manage his breakfast. Perhaps a different job is what’s needed. Santa tries them all: footballer, builder, racing driver… but somehow, nothing is quite right. There’s only one job that really suits Santa. The third Kate Lee/Ed Eaves touch-and-feel book features satin rockstar trousers and a rather fetching string vest!


Snappy little Numbersadobephotoshopexpress_2016_10_29_164231

This rhyming, pop-up counting book features lots of roaring, snapping and biting, so watch your fingers! Snappy Little Numbers roars along from one to ten, with lots of appealing animals and extra counting fun along the way.




Snappy little Coloursadobephotoshopexpress_2016_10_29_164135

In this colourful pop-up book, you’ll find bats, pigs, dogs and even a grizzly bear (a friendly one, though) and you’ll start to learn all about red, purple, pink, brown, green…